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Transport Bed (3rd Seat Compatible)


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Transport Bed (3rd Seat Compatible):

**This product is custom built to your exact specifications.  We can build any size, shape, color, or special construction to fit your exact needs**


  • Specifically built so 1 back seat can be used while transport bed is in place 
  • Can also be folded to down to a complete transport bed if the back seat is taken out
  • Formica flooring is durable, professional looking, and easy to clean
  • Flip out protective bumper carpet or add vehicle ramp
  • Underside is finished to look professional when folded in vehicle
  • Great for any funeral related transport or removal need
  • Can be built to fit in any SUV, Van, Hearse, etc...
  • Built to accommodate any sized casket, air tray, shipping container or mortuary cot.  

This standard bed includes:

  • 7 roller frame assemblies
  • 5 skid bars
  • 3 10-hole plates
  • 2 1/2" stationary bier pins
  • 1 1/2" adjustable bier pin
  • 1 2-hole plate
  • 1 1-hole plate 
  • 2 cot cups
  • 1 Long cot cup
  • Protective bumper carpet