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Reeves 105 Flexible Stretcher


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Reeves 105 Flexible Stretcher with Sealed Body Cover 


  • Used by the United States Secret Service and the White House Medical Staff, the Reeves 105 Flexible Stretcher with Sealed Body Cover is designed as an easily-conveyable transport device
  • Constructed of lightweight 18 oz. vinyl-coated polyester that is easily washed with soap and water, highly resistant to acids and alkali, and unable to be penetrated by liquids
  • The body cover is constructed of 10 oz. vinyl. Five (5) removable hardwood slats positioned between two (2) layers of fabric provide strength and rigidity.  Six (6) ergonomically-placed handles, constructed of polypropylene webbing with foam inserts are both comfortable and smart. Three (3) two-inch polypropylene web patient security straps with plastic buckles are placed in strategic locations to provide maximum immobilization
  • Includes a cover attached to a stretcher that zippers to form a sealed transport case


  • Open: 78" L x 28" W
  • Closed: 58"L x 8" W
  • Weight: 17 lbs
  • Capacity: Greater than 700 lbs