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Ferno Model 27-1


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Ferno Model 27-1 

Multi Level Cot. Offers several useful features not found on other cot models. All four wheels swivel. Load-end wheels feature locks for stability. Leg-release handles on operator-end and load-end make it possible to raise and lower cot without assuming full weight of the cot and body. Multi-level feature allows the body to be easily transferred onto the cot from many different levels. To allow maneuvering in confined spaces and around tight corners, the head-end is tapered and the foot-end folds to shorten total length by 15". Wide enough to accommodate a portable stretcher, body scoop or body board. Includes 1" contoured burgundy mattress and 
(2) 5’L two piece burgundy quick-release restraint straps.

Length: 78-3/4" 
Width: 22" 
Max. Height33.5" 
Min. Height: 9" 
Weight59 lbs. 
Max. Vehicle Loading Height: 26" 
Min. Vehicle Loading Height: 23" 
Max. Load Capacity400 lbs.