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US Gov't Spec Department of Defense Disaster Pouch Oversized




US Gov't Spec Department of Defense Disaster Pouch Oversized


Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic - Most body bags will not be readily available. As inventory is produced, it is going out  -  but there is a line of back orders.  Please get in line if you need body bags.  This is likely to be the situation with body bags for at least 6 months or more (no matter how Covid-19 plays out).  Over 95% of the body bags sold in the United States come from the same few manufacturers, and they’re all in the same position right now.  It will be a very long time before anyone is able to order body bags and get them shipped the next day, as it normally is.  Hopefully we can keep getting supply so the lead time is several weeks and not many months.  But, if you need them or may need them, please get in line and order them – but there will be a lead time before you receive them, and that lead time varies greatly.  Contact us for alternative options. 


 Product Features:

  • Manufactured to and complies with U.S. Gov't and Department of Defense (DOD) specifications for disaster response Human Remains Pouch National Stock Number - NSN 9930-01-331-6244
  • 6 Extra Strong Carry Handles suitable for handling by 2, 4 or 6 persons
  • Sealed seams for superior resistance to leakage during transport and to comply with OSHA Regulation 3130
  • Impervious abrasion resistant exterior material
  • Envelope style easy access zipper opening
  • Exterior material 14 oz. - 18 mil HD vinyl coated scrim

Product Specifications:

  • 54" x 108" (137 x 274 cm)