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Co-injection Fluid - Free Flo



Free Flo - Co-injection Fluid

*Discounted shipping cost on fluid orders 8 cases and larger*

Price is per case.  12 bottles per case.

A unique co-injection, Free Flo is designed to improve distribution and drainage by freeing capillaries of congealing blood. Free Flo, when used with an arterial fluid, markedly improves the ability of the diluted arterial to displace the blood and allow the preservative chemical to do its work. Because Free Flo enhances the distribution of the arterial into all areas of the body, there results a uniformly embalmed body and an even dye coloration on the surface of the body. A mildly alkaline chemical, Free Flo buffers the arterial to an effective pH - no more grey bodies. Its special components also act to soften the potentially harsh effects of formaldehyde apparent in some arterials. This gives the body a more natural feel, and helps it retain a proper moisture level.

To improve drainage and arterial distribution, use 2 to 8 ounces of Free Flo in the first gallon of diluted arterial fluid. We recommend you start with a small amount (2 oz.) and gradually increase it until the desired effects are achieved. To take advantage of Free Flo’s buffering and modifying effects, use 1 to 4 ounces in subsequent gallons of diluted arterial fluid.
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