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Cavity Fluid - 5 Purpose Cavity




5 Purpose Cavity - Cavity Fluid

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Price is per case. 24 bottles per case

For unequaled penetration, 5-Purpose Cavity is the answer. Because of its special formulation, formaldehyde can penetrate deeply into tissue so that areas that are difficult to treat or reach are thoroughly preserved. Along with its excellent penetration properties, 5-Purpose Cavity combines the use of proven disinfectants, deodorizers, and preservatives to form a superior external pack. Used as a surface pack it quickly reaches the areas where decomposition is taking place. Its chemicals then act to neutralize the sources of odor and putrefaction and effectively preserve the tissue. 5-Purpose Cavity also works well as a bleach and is much safer to work with than the usual phenol-containing bleaches. Because of the use of several proven disinfectants and preservatives, its formaldehyde level can be kept low. This means the skin will not tend to pucker as with cavity fluids containing higher indexes.

For regular cavity work on a normal body, use 2 pints of 5-Purpose Cavity. Larger bodies, or those with extensive putrefaction, may require 3 or more pints according to the dictates of professional judgment. Re-aspiration and the use of additional cavity fluid is usually recommended. For external embalming and/or bleaching, saturate cotton with 5-Purpose Cavity. Apply the cotton pack to the area to be treated and cover the pack with plastic. Let the chemical work overnight if possible.
Champion: Cavity-N
Dodge: Spectrum or SynCav
Pierce: FIX