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Arterial Fluid - X-20




X-20 - Arterial Fluid

*Discounted shipping cost on fluid orders 8 cases and larger*

Price is per case.  24 bottles per case.

A 20 index arterial fluid, X-20 provides a soft but well-preserved and life-like feel and appearance to the body and skin. X-20 contains six ingredients, including silicone oils, which modify the harsh effects of formaldehyde. The embalmer can be sure of both an excellent cosmetic effect and a particularly pleasant result - a thoroughly embalmed body of mild firmness and uniform color with a natural, moist feel to the skin.

Mildly buffered to help keep the formaldehyde base at optimum preservation power, X-20 penetrates and distributes well. The preservatives and modifiers are carried into the tissue to give it a plasticized feel with the proper formaldehyde content for good preservation.

For normal cases, use X-20 at a dilution of 6 to 8 ounces per gallon of water. Use at least 1 gallon of diluted fluid per 50 pounds of body weight. A lower concentration should be considered for emaciated cases. For larger cases where decomposition has started, 8 to 16 ounces per gallon should be considered according to the embalmer’s professional judgment. The alternate injection and drainage technique or intermittent drainage technique should be used in all cases to insure thorough distribution of the fluid. Shake well before using.
Champion: Motobalm
Dodge: Chromatech Original
Pierce: Care 18