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Morgue Cart Cover




Morgue Cart Cover

*Please specify actual cart measurements to ensure proper fit if you don't want the standard size*

Morgue Cart Covers are designed for use on hospital carts. Our standard size of covers for this cart is 80 inches long, 30 inches wide and 18 inches tall. However, we will make your cover to your size requirements. Please indicate different sizing when you order. Do not be fooled by the lower weight of our morgue cart cover. Unlike vinyl covers that are made from a heavy two-ply material that can flake or chip, our cover is made from a super-tough nylon cloth which was originally designed for mountain climbing gear, and is available in the five standard colors. This super-strong material is baked through and will repel all stains and fluids. The entire cover is washer/dryer safe or can be cleaned with sanitizing spray for easy cleanup. Because this cover is made from durable fabric, it will withstand lots of abuse, from spills to being run into walls or corners repeatedly. However, we cannot guarantee how well your walls will hold up to this practice! To ensure a long-lasting cover, we double stitch all the seams to make it even stronger. This cover is easy to clean with disinfectant spray. NOTE: We also make a STARS AND STRIPES Morgue Cart Cover