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Absolute Containment Bag




Absolute Containment Bag - Biosafety Level 4


  • 1 Bag, 96" x 36" , $69.00
  • 1 Case, 25 decedents, 150' x 36" , $47.18 per bag price


  • Tested and used by the US Government.  Designed for absolute containment of infectious pathogens and bioterrorism.  Biosafety Level 4 containment (BSL-4)
  • The BioSeal System5® heat-sealed body bag is the only body bag able to completely contain exposure risk of blood borne pathogens and OPIMs.
  • The patented material is made up of layers of plastic and aluminum to make a very strong yet flexible bag that is completely hermetically sealed.
  • The BioSeal Hand-Held Thermosealer is applied to the bag to produce a 5-channel seal
    for ultimate protection. The seal is so strong that two bags can be sealed together for a bariatric decedent.
  • The bag can also be cut to size for smaller decedents or specimens. BioSeal System5®
    is designed to use as little space as possible, making it ideal for easy transport and storage.
  • X-ray safe and cremation ready
  • OSHA compliant and meets IATI guidelines.  CDC specified body bag for safe handling of human remains infected with Ebola
  • Bags can be trimmed to fit any size


  • 8 mil
  • 400 lb weight capacity
  • Puncture resistant to 26 lbs
  • Tensile strength 25 lbs per inch
  • 0.0000001 parts per million MVTR (moisture/vapor/transmission rate)
  • Generates less than 1% residue upon incineration
  • 49 year shelf life