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Auto Charger - AC-1


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Auto Charger - AC-1


  • Heavy Duty Charge – Adjustable charge on caskets up to 1000 lbs (412kg) including tradition wooden caskets as well as cardboard varieties
  • Rapid Charge Speed – Adjustable down to 3.5 sec ensuring the cremator door is open for minimum time
  • Easy-to-Use Foot Pedal Locking Brake System – The charger can be locked to the floor for safe stable charging
  • Single Operator Use – Whereas manual charging can require two technicians, automatic charging requires only one, freeing up staff time for other duties
  • One Charger Suits All – Wide lifting range designed to enable loading and unloading of cremators, colors, body stores/racking systems, and hearses
  • Powered Drive System – Patented retractable 5th wheel powered drive system with proportional throttle control
  • Secure Locking System – By the press of a button the case can be securely locked & unlocked for transportation
  • Digital Weighing Option – Integral weighing device to confirm charging weight to assist with accurate casket location in the cremator, while ensuring the safety of operators and compatibility to cremator ovens
  • Single & Double Ended Cremators – Controlled positioning compatibility of the casket beyond the hopper/cleanout for use with single or double ended cremators
  • Dual Handset Controls – Allows simultaneous use of the cremator and charger controls from both sides of the charger
  • Increased Control – Superior positioning of the casket into the cremator, which minimizes process times, reducing energy costs
  • Optimum Docking station – Designed and manufactured to the individual requirements of your specific cremator
  • WARRANTY: 1 year


  • Max Height: 80.00"
  • Min Height: 21.50"
  • Length of Base Unit: 88.00"
  • Length of Overhang: 30.00"
  • Width: 34.00"