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"A" Floral Display Rack




"A" Floral Display Rack

Product Features:

Functional and strong, our “A” series Racks are made from durable anodized aluminum bars. These stands are easy to store and ready to transport to churches, cemeteries or anywhere a large display is needed. Combine the base rack with the available extension to add 30” of height to your Rack, and create a truly impressive exhibit. Retractable hooks drop out when open, and disappear when Stands are folded for easy storage.


  • A-3 Open: 62" x 30", Folded: 62" x 2"
  • A-5 Open: 62" x 50", Folded: 62" x 3"
  • A-7 Open: 62" x 70", Folded: 62" x 4"