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Disaster Bag - 8 Handle BioVu




Disaster Bag - 8 Handle BioVu


Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic - This body bag will not be readily available. As inventory is produced, it is going out  -  but there is a line of back orders.  Please get in line if you need this body bag.  This is likely to be the situation with this body bag for at least 6 months or more (no matter how Covid-19 plays out).  Contact us or browse for alternative options. 


6 bags per case.  $39.75 per bag case price


  • Adult Size Disaster Body Bags (aka Transport Pouches / Disaster Pouch)
  • Constructed Of Black High Density 20 Mil Virgin Reinforced Pvc & A 7mil Clear Pvc Viewing Panel
  • Reinforced #8 Curved Black Nylon Zipper, Dual Rust Proof #8 Zipper Pulls
  • Clear Panel: #5 White Nylon Zipper #5 Dual Zipper Pulls
  • Heat Sealed On 4 Sides, 100% Leak Proof
  • Individually Bagged In Clear Poly Bags
  • Includes 3 Toe Tags & Has Attached Tag Viewing Pouch


  • 38" x 94"
  • 20 Mil
  • 8 Padded Dowel Handles
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