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VM3 - Purifier Mat Set




VM3 - Funeral Mat Set

The Funeral Mat Set is designed for use with cases where malodor and fluid are issues, such as with advanced decomposition. The set has two parts that can be used together or separately:

  • The Top Mat is 55" long and 12" wide. It is placed over the deceased, paper side down, to eliminate any odors. Each mat has double sided tape to allow it to be adhered to a surface, such as the casket lid or body bag opening flap. the top mat can control odors for several months when used in a confined, sealed area.
  • The Bottom Mat is 75" long and 12" wide. It is placed underneath the deceased, paper side up, and will absorb fluids and any associated odors. The bottom mat can absorb up to 16.9 gallons of fluid.


Examples of Use

  • Decomposition has begun or is already advanced
  • Significant odors are present, such as that associated with burn victims
  • There are, or expect to be, significant odor or fluid problems
  • Long term storage of the deceased is required
  • Traditional embalming is not available or applicable
  • No embalming has been requested
  • A green funeral is requested
  • Repatriation is required and any of the above issues are present