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VM3 - Fluid Absorption Roll




VM3 - Weeping Oedema Roll

The Weeping Oedema Roll is a fluid absorbent powder, enclosed in a roll. This allows for easy application on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. The inclusion of the Odor Neutralizing Complex (ONC) means any ongoing odor issues associated with the fluid are eliminated.  The roll is 8' long and 8" wide, containing 60 squares of absorbent powder. Each square has the capacity to absorb up to 1.35 fl oz. of fluid. The roll can be used whole or cut to size as required.

Examples of Use

  • Use entire roll to wrap the affected area, cover with plastic wrap to hold in place
  • Place a strip along the underside of a limb, cover with plastic wrap and guide fluid to roll at lowest point
  • Place a strip over a post mortem wound to absorb fluid
  • Can be cut to treat smaller areas