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Vis-O-Guard Gel


Vis-O-Guard Gel

28.5 oz jar

Vis-O-Guard Gel has been developed for cases where high penetration and odor control are needed. Vis-O-Guard Gel is a surface embalming material of high viscosity designed to cling very well to tissue. It contains proven preservatives, deep penetration agents, and gas and odor control chemicals. As a result, it will deodorize and preserve putrid tissue as well as areas of the body that arterial embalming may have missed.

For abdominal cavity and cranial cavity walls apply with a brush, spatula or hands (use of double gloves highly recommended) a heavy coating of Vis-O-Guard Gel to the walls and let it penetrate into the tissue. Most seepage will also be eliminated. Where arterial injection may not have reached a surface of the body, apply a heavy coating of Vis-O-Guard Gel to the area with a spatula. Cover the treated area with plastic to control preservative fumes and to encourage penetration of the preservatives into the tissue. Let it sit as long as feasible. No other treatment should be required. Vis-O-Guard Gel is especially useful when odor control is needed along with preservation. Bed sores and areas of skin slip can be taken care of easily by coating them with the gel and covering with plastic.